Lathe of Heaven

Drugs stop the dreams
Machine-fed transgressions
forced sleep digression
Shift the state of it all
Unconsciously just a sink of horror and depravity;
Even if we have the best of intentions
All in vain we sink with cruel gravity…
Nothing endures, Nothing is certain, Nothing is the portal, existence is Nothing.
It is said that the end justifies the means
but what if there is no end?
all of the fools believing, just a grand solipsism
The creases of reality collapse existence is void
demon hosts; ravage us.
portals into futility; forever opened.
Defile creation, imminent Decay
decay, decay, decay, decay, decay, decay…

Demon Haunted World

Freedom TO or freedom FROM?
The veil encroaches
Violence and subjugation
Virtue is submission
Yoked flesh tortured
Witches, Demons, Cast doubt
Judgement, hollow, the hunted
False hope, deceit, deception
Snake oil, untruth, fabrication
No god, no occult, just our lies
Frenzied, revived, no truth.
Demons haunt our world
Conceived by hideous rule
The only way to defeat doom
Abandon superstition and blindness
With mind open, search for truth
Break the chains, kill all Gods.
Toxic masculinity
The Terminus of misogyny
Eradication of domination
False binaries extinguished
Your dead God is no longer justification
For the tyranny of men

Pyrrhic Victory

The brain recoils, what’s real/unreal?
shaping the mind with drugs and zeal
Slow decline
Knowledge of all, the laser reveals
A shattering glimpse of reality concealed
The harp of nihilism, the twang of the void
From space above Beamed down from God
Dual minds conceive A true facade
Misery and illness
Pink light bombards the lightning rod
A chosen vessel, a brain so flawed.
Perpetually occluded, a husk, an uninhabited corpse
Rationalize cognitive collapse
Dementia, apparition of the divine
The child can see all
Warmth emanates from her being
The satellite is the vessel
Technology, the demigod, is the way.

Eidolons and the Increate

resurrection and death breeds loyalty
I stand before the citadel
At the gate of servitude
excruciations seek penitence
exultant cults of eschatology
A Eucharist of self-consumption
mirroring our degeneracies
now worship these worthless revenants
Pain befallen
Shadow mask
The blind curator
Woman condemned
A solemn mercy
Given through oblivion
dying and dimming suns
from the pit of some dark star
spiral into the void of the serpent’s mouth
To pick the flower of dissolution
A journey from torture to commiseration
To raise the hallowed sword and cast it out to the dying sun
For the battle is won

A Crown of Desolation

Surrender… awaken.
The worm-song sings his name
Total obliteration
and the sand is his kingdom
Little death.
Ruled from a crown of desolation
the transcendence flows
Mind killer…
Like water in a wasteland
Total devastation.
From currents unbeknown
Embrace the end.
The jihad is the answer, waged over aeons
Time forever.
Cold desert planet… arrakis
Hope clouds observation… awaken
Oppression forever absolute… betrayal
Fear passes over and through me
in darkest depths; fear is there
Watching you
All consumed by shai hulud
Surrender to the knife
Let it drink away your life
and cut away all trepidation
to falsely elevate your station
Surrender to the knife
One Oppression is dethroned
Just to beget more of the same
There is no escape from
the debts of ancestral blame
Surrender to the knife
Surrender it your life
The only thing left to give…
In the Deserts of vast eternity

Lying in Ruin

Godless, godblessed? Godhead, behead it.
Yahweh, Mithra, Baal, Beelzebub.
delirium dreamt, darkness plunged,
a great beyond, the vastest void
blackest jest, a bleak comedy,
synapses fire, in cosmic aberration.
illusions, shadows, delusion
assailing every last neuron, in a failing mind
now utterly relieved , of conscience and consciousness.
torture, the blind, the terror, of god.
infects, our minds, infects, our children
intelligent design? or sadistic cruelty?
baffling devastation, a disgusting premise.
Find the meaning, in absolute filth…
Lying in ruin, until the lie is truth.

Healing Through Death

Paracelsus, doused in blood
on a night clear, bathed in moonlight
necromantic shroud, entombed in flesh
clamor for… each drop purged
tonic of might, tincture of siege
elixir of malice, portent ominous
fatal formulas, distilled victories
enemies lain waste, corpses still warm
negative energy, souls entombed
rise my children
sweep over the living hordes
odious deception immortal rebirth
deluded inflation proselytize self-worth
horrid wilting, evil desiccation
vile ascension, pale masters
pestilence contagion medicinal cannibals

Random Cosmic Violence

epochs of pandemonium
whence order corrodes to chaos
demonic aberrations
of the cosmic condition, conditioned.
salvation tantalizes with delusion
comeuppance visited by illusion
incredulity at the mire of
cosmic savagery, grotesquery
helpless in vain, no document of pain
demented plight, no glimpse of light,
eternal night, born just to spite
absence of right or wrong
Just ever seething on… until all is gone.
Star Death Submission
Black Time Dilation
Event Horizon
Dense Space Formation
Nebulous Creation Ignition
Chaos Bind Destruction
Starts Begins with Ends.
Infinity’s edge, the dark horizon
Light falls, no escape
Turbulent clouds spin in Space
Sucked in, Time infinite
Sights seen in new dimensions
Matter crushed to quantum beginnings
Parties shifted, planes upended
At the edge you see no ending
Energy recycled for stars and beings
disorder abstraction collision diffusion


Echoes of destruction fill the void
With existence comes pain, a hollow ascension
knelt down sprung forth apostasy River Lethe
darkness nemesis anthropos in repose
Elysium emanation ashen waste defiled
stamped out in Asphodel mourning streams of woe
mythos sullen to reckon meaningless lies
To explain transcendence in modern lexicon
The order corrodes, annihilation is all
Nothingness’ edge, Oblivion’s gate
our folly of hubris, mists close in
Detritus, lamentation, for ourselves we cry

Only the End of the World

elder gods rise from the ocean
destruction human garbage
wastrels nameless the world
cleansed by ice deep water
the tarot war wolf the deep one blank card
the stars configured
in shapes and patterns
our sacrifice must be worthy
minstrels that plucked
swansongs of demise
now burning in oblivion
immolated on a
pilgrimage to dead gods
all has been in vain.


The wolf, the wolf descends
Darkness, the chaos reigns
The howl echoes in the trees
The prey, the prey heightens
Fangs bared it leaps beset clenched down
Blood sprays sweet death, apex
The man, the man ascends
Lucid, god’s chosen form
Concrete razes the trees
The chaos, the chaos dissolves
Of wolf and man the blood sustains
Nature is god, her will is strong
Transition absolved, entropy is law
From chaos to death, false dominion
The serpent falls, the coup de grace
Man’s wall will end, nature takes us all
Behold! The blackened heart of man
Covetous of ascendancy
Marauding transfixed just on slaughter
Oh! For the living a hex
Inheritors of grave conquest
Purveyors of violence reach the summit
Of all the paths before us, we choose cruelty
Eternal tumult unlocks our infallible malevolence
Oh! For the living a debt
To shoulder the burden of death
sequestered taken lives
Manipulated broken souls
Now mournful at the edge of the abyss

Brazen Bull of Phalaris

Forged of bronze a brazen bull
A tool of death
Never a sculpture cast so cruel
It’s smoke incense
A toast to its lust for human fuel
Burned from within with no clemency
Condemned to death
It’s own maker perished within thee
The test locked in
From the depths of misanthropy
scorched bones shone like jewels
Morbid bracelets
Made into amulets sold to fools
The screams the ox
Ghastly sounds surge from the bull
The pain the howls the pipes of the bull
The cruel despot of Zeus
Power unleashed tyrants retribution
The screams, the tenderest, most
pathetic, most melodious of bellowings.
Disgust of man’s cancer of worlds
Invent our ruin
Destroyer of worlds
In the guise of invention
Racing to self-destruction
Explained away by intention

Monuments to Avarice

shuttered in bleakness
manmade excrement
ungently censored
it’s come to shadows
avarice parsimony rapacity voracity
gluttony cupidity stupidity
fallen lowly unworthy
all left to fade putrid odors
rising filth respite to sink
moribund thought none hear the screams
to a final halt, take them in
sailing into mass extinction
extinguishing this anguish
the human delusion of grandeur
Crumbles unto the Earth
The false exception, bathing in offal
Zenith abatement
Our vehemence will be our death

Empirical Evidence of the Deranged God

The Kingdom lies ahead if I Obey
Crippled Resentful
Whispers of Venomous Spite
Infested Tongue Serpentine
Faithless Derelict
Hallowed Fuck thy Name
Who Art the Bearer of Shame
I pray to a deranged god of succor
Set me Free, my absolution From thee
Truth is just, There is no God.
Faith is gone to the ocean and the Sun.