European Tour and Roadburn 2016

We are more than pleased to give a first glimpse of our European tour plans with Australia’s INVERLOCH for two weeks beginning with Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, NL. Usnea will then meet up for an additional week of shows in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe with Dutch doom band Dresden-Leningrad.


April 14th @ 013 Venue, Roadburn Festival, Tilburg, Netherlands w/ Inverloch, , Full of Hell, Bang, The Body, Behold! the Monolith, Abyssion

April 15th @ Magasin 4, Bruxelles, Belgium w/ Inverloch

April 16th @ Club Papirna, Pilsen, Czech Republic w/ Inverloch

April 17th @ALTE MÄLZEREI, Void Festival, Regensburg, Germany w/ Inverloch

April 18th @ Freakout Club, Bologna, Italy w/ Inverloch

April 19th @ Tetris Club, Trieste, Italy w/ Inverloch

April 20th @ Jubez, Karlsruhe, Germany w/ Inverloch, Full Of Hell and the Body

April 21st @ Void, Bordeaux, France w/ Inverloch

April 22nd @ Sala Silikona, Madrid, Spain w/ Inverloch

April 23rd @ SWR Fest in Barroselas, Portugal w/ Inverloch, Grave, Marduk, etc…

April 24th @ Creedence, Zaragoza, Spain

April 25th @ Scène Michelet, Nantes, France

April 26th @ Mac Daid’s, Le Havre, France

April 27th @ La Zone, Liege, Belgium

April 28th @ The Cave, Amsterdam, Netherlands w/ Dresden-Leningrad

April 29th @ Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark w/ Dresden-Leningrad

April 30th@ Fängelset, Gothenburg, Sweden w/ Dresden-Leningrad

May 1st @ Mir Bar, Oslo, Norway w/ Dresden-Leningrad

May 2nd @ TBC, Malmo, Sweden w/ Dresden-Leningrad

May 3rd @ Gerberstrasse Wunderbar, Weimar, Germany w/ Dresden-Leningrad

May 4th @ Sberne Suroviny, Prague, Czech Republic w/ Dresden-Leningrad

May 5th @ Fischladen, Berlin, Germany w/ Dresden-Leningrad

TBC= to be confirmed, Further dates and information will be added here as it is available.



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